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Mon, Jun. 14th, 2004, 03:06 am
i needed a change...

also, this journal is officially getting retired.
it's going to be mostly friends only so yeah...add it if you care.
who knows, i might actually start writing about shit that matters again.
</span> and a new screenname too...allgoldngreen

Mon, Jun. 14th, 2004, 01:41 am
4:30 AM flights are my favorite.

i'm leaving for puerto vallarta in a couple hours. i just started packing a little bit ago because i'm completely awesome. i'm excited but...eh, i don't know. i think i'm still a little traveled out from all the fucking flying i've had to do in the last couple years. just thinking about it makes me exhausted. i know...shutthehelluprachel.

last night i got pulled over for the first time ever. rolling through a stop sign. fucking lame. i guess once in almost 4 and a half years isn't so bad though, right?

the grad parties the past couple days have been cool. the stuff in jay's dad's yard is the most amazing thing i've ever experienced. there was a fucking ostrich statue...seriously, what beats that?

i'm starting to feel monotony setting in again. sometimes i wonder if i'll ever stop doing this to myself. but i really shouldn't complain...things could and have been worse.

girls: have fun at your graduation!! i love you and i'm sorry i can't go. i'm so proud of you guys <3

i'm excited to see art, justo and jason when i get back. portland and then seattle with jana. it's been far too long.

you know, it's weird...i feel like there's so much more i should be saying and yet i have no desire to. meh. see you all in a week.

Sun, Jun. 6th, 2004, 11:10 pm
baby wont you clean my mess up

today was this little girl's 5th birthday...

that right there is straight up insanity.
and damn did she make out like a bandit. i've never seen so many toys for one kid in my entire life.
only child syndrome for real.
i feel old.

Sat, Jun. 5th, 2004, 12:36 pm

will someone please get me out of my house?
it's been nonstop fighting/crying here for the past two days and i'm not down with that.

Fri, Jun. 4th, 2004, 04:27 pm
bored as fuck.

i leave for puerto vallarta in like a week and a half. helllll yes. the weather better not suck while i'm down there or i'll be pissed.

yesterday my dad had a cast party at our house for his children's theater class. they played charades and apparently my dad had to do "african tribal dancing" as one of them...thank god i wasn't in the room for that one. lexie kept walking around shoving a potted plant in everyone's faces, the child is insane.

last weekend my mom went to my grandparents house to sort through their old things with my aunts. i feel really bad that i didn't go with her because i know how hard that must have been for her to do. so now we have all of my grandparents old photo albums, among other things, at our house. i've been going through them because we have to sort them and make copies for all the relatives and it's really bummed me out. i miss the way things were in those pictures and it's sad to know that they'll never be like that again. on a lighter note, lexie was looking at a picture of herself from when she was a newborn and said "oh man, i almost look like a demon!!" and it was possibly the most amusing thing ever. she's going to be 5 on sunday. crazy...where has the time gone?

i'm really really really really really bored.

someone that loves me should buy me the new underoath, my chemical romance and guns n roses cds just because they love me. that'd be awesome.

the end.

Wed, Jun. 2nd, 2004, 03:05 pm
now that it's june we'll sleep out in the garden.

happy birthday to the lovely kristin!! <3

also, would anyone be interested in attending a celebrity golf tournament in portland on saturday with me? my friend christy has a bunch of free tickets and for everyone she gets to go $10 goes to younglife. i guess shaquille oneal did it last year so there will probably be pretty cool people there. hit me up.

i'm watching snow white with my niece.
earlier the plumber fucked up and flooded our basement. that was fun.
i have a craving for starbucks.
the end.

Thu, May. 27th, 2004, 06:35 pm
yeah, that's right.


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going out with anna in a bit. woo.

Wed, May. 26th, 2004, 07:12 pm
george fucking michael.

today i watched more lame talk shows than should be allowed.
but it's all good because montell is awesome and george michael was on oprah.

i wasn't totally lazy today though, i still ran 2.5 miles despite being sick. i'm on a roll. haaa...i just almost typed "troll" on accident. that would've been way cooler.

ok, i'm done.

Wed, May. 12th, 2004, 03:17 pm
let it be known...

that there are few things in this world that make me happier than michael jackson's extended version "black or white" video.

i'm excited for the show tomorrow, it's gonna be a good time.
for now i'm off to bortolami's with lexie.

Tue, May. 11th, 2004, 02:48 pm
time won't change a thing if we're all moving in slow motion

so in the last week i've managed to be awesome and see both "mean girls" and "new york minute," dye my hair, go to six different mexican restaurants, run into 2378429874 people from high school, go to bortolamis four times, cook my mom an entire meal and dessert, meet tons of new people, go to forest grove, go to eugene, watch everyone but me get drunk twice, find the most amazing pair of purple cowboy boots ever, and many other things that i already forgot all while having the hottest cough ever. yeah, that's right.

last night was fun. i love eugene with all my heart and soul, hahah. whitney and jay's hardcore dancing was intense. so was the creepy man who kept moshing and touching everyone for no apparent reason. so was our clapping party. so were all the people going at it in front of everyone. so was the country music they were playing in the kitchen at whitney's sorority. so was the shrimp burrito whitney almost bought. haha, ok i'll stop now.

i awoke to the sounds of a two year old crying this morning. man, i love when people drop their kids off at our house in the mornings and then they're loud and wake me up. no really, i do.

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